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 Travel Teams

Extended Deadline to sign up is October 17, 2023 at 5:00pm


Read the following and click on the link at the bottom of this page to complete the Travel Team Player Application. 


The Travel Season has had a variety of titles over the years.  Among the most popular are “All Stars” or “Select”.  The players who sign up to play in the travel season are typically the players who rank highest in the Region’s Primary Season player rankings.  This is common throughout most AYSO Regions which is why the program has had the titles previously mentioned.  In Region 15, we refer to them as Tournament Teams or Travel Teams.
As is true with the Primary Season, the size of the Region’s membership dictates the number of Travel Teams that will be formed in any specific age division.  Regions with large memberships typically have a larger pool of higher ranked players, which allows the Region the opportunity to form teams that are consistently stronger than a Region whose membership is smaller.  What typically results from this difference is that Travel Teams from smaller Regions may not provide the same opportunity, resulting in a less than desirable season, and not much fun for the players, coaches or parents.  Our membership in Region 15 is under 700 players and therefore, we are considered a small Region.
It is the goal of Region 15 to ensure that all players, coaches, and families enjoy the Travel Season experience, as it can be a very rewarding and fun time for all involved.  In order to ensure that our Travel Teams experience such a positive season, the Region will determine how many Travel Teams will be allowed in each age division.  The factors that will be considered in determining the number of teams are the total number of players who sign up to play travel soccer in each division, the end of season ranking of each of those players, and the total number of qualified, eligible coaches.
Once all applications have been received from players and coaches interested in playing travel soccer, the Travel Season Committee will determine how many teams will be formed in each division.  Once the determination has been made and the teams are formed, the remaining players and coaches may have the opportunity to play in a developmental program or Winter/Spring League program that will allow these players and coaches to continue to hone their skills.

Participating on a Travel Team can be a very rewarding experience. You may travel to interesting cities in California and possibly travel to other local states.  Before you agree to participate in the Travel season program there are a few things you should know.  Membership on a Travel team is voluntary and, as the name implies, travels to tournament venues that may include non-AYSO teams.  It typically involves a significant investment of both time and money.

Section 1, Area F has mandated that parents and players must be NOTIFIED that there are typical costs associated with tournaments.  Fees can range anywhere from $750 or more per team per tournament.

Referee deposits could be from $150 or more per tournament and must be paid by each team.  Referee fees are only refunded after the completion of at least 3 games by the Travel Team’s referee team.  To offset these expenses, Travel Teams can conduct fundraising events.
Coaches must disclose all expenditures to their parents and will be required to comply with all Tournament Rules including those governing refunds.  Region 15 will not be responsible for any forfeiture of monies resulting from non-compliance.  Region 15 Travel Teams are required to participate in and support the Region 15 Armed Forces Day Tournament.  Parents will be given jobs at the venue in which their team is competing at.  Jobs will be in 2 or 3 hour shifts.  Shifts can start as early as 6:00am and as late as 7:00pm.
Parents and players should also be aware that not all players who express an interest in playing on a Travel Team will be placed on a team.  The number of teams that are formed will be determined by the total number of players who sign up to play travel soccer in each division, the end of season ranking of each of those players, and the total number of qualified, eligible coaches.
A Coach cannot guarantee that a player will be on their team.  Coaches are not allowed to “recruit” players.  They can recommend that a player sign up to be on a Travel team, but they cannot tell any player that they will be on their team.  If a coach is found to be in violation, she/he could be denied the opportunity to coach a Travel Team.
In addition to the Region 15 Armed Forces Tournament, all Region 15 Travel Teams will support all Area1F Tournaments and Programs.  These are Region 16 Turkey Tournament in November, Region 14 Christmas Classic in December, Area1F Founders Day Tournament in April and Area 1F Spring League (formerly PV Spring League) beginning in February.
Subsequent to your review of these documents, you may register by filling out the online Travel Season Player Application Form to be placed on the eligibility list of players for assignment of teams.


  1. U10 thru U14:  If during the regular season a player chooses to play in a higher age division than the age division determined by their age as of July 31st, then that player may only play in the that same higher division during the Travel season.  For instance; if a BU10 eligible player plays “up” to BU12 during the regular season, then that player must play at the BU12 level during Travel season.  They may not play down at the BU10 level, even if their age allows for them to play at that level. 
  2. In order to be eligible for the Travel Season, any player who received financial assistance for the regular season, must reimburse Region 15 the full amount of the financial assistance they were awarded.

*In good standing:  All players, new and returning, are considered in good standing.  However, any player who is “sent off” (red card) or receives three “cautions” (yellow card) during the most recent regular season may not be eligible to participate in the Travel Season.  Players must request a review board hearing of the send-off or caution. Player will participate in a review board hearing where he/she will have the opportunity to explain their actions.  Final decision will be made by governing board and RC.


  1. If a travel team coach has a child playing in the division, that player will be automatically taken out of the list of eligible players and be placed on that coach’s team.
  2. There will be no other protected players for any team.

  1. The remaining players will be assigned based on age and skill level.  Skill level will be determined by regular season evaluation forms received.
  2. If a conflict remains, the Travel Season Committee will make a decision and final approval will be made by the Regional Commissioner.
  3. Coaches may not remove a player from their team without approval from the Travel Season Coordinator and/or Regional Commissioner.

The Entire Travel Team Policy Can be found by CLICKING HERE

We are no longer accepting applications for 10U boys
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